Parts Unknown Episode May 9, 2016

what a treat

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Maria from the band Les Chausettes came by with a new CD for CiTR! I'll Take That and Play THAT!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

rec centre · tacoma dome
late spring · invisible
instinct of ego
koban · abject obsessions
supa doopa
les georges leningrad · black eskimo
victory square
adrian teacher and the subs · terminal city
wishkicker · por que y?
new fun
pinner · #3 demo
my baby boy
muscadettes · SIDE B
slow motion
stef chula · single
perfect snowflake
gun control · single
summertime girl
salt water taffy · 1970
slow medication
kim gray · backseat bingo
we gotta go
shy guys · oh yes
the idea of north
sightlines · north
she's like heroin to me
gun club · old
gone to waste
mattress · low blows
like a dracula
jay arner · JAY II
viaduct rain
skyote · ep
somebody else
ace martens · PALM SPRINGS
the wheel
pj harvey · the new one
torrey pine
chris cohen · new one
just a feeling
Gun Outfit · new one
track one
les chausettes · new one
just what i need
nikki and the corvettes · best of
past is past
dishrags · three