Parts Unknown Episode March 14, 2016


1:00pm - 3:00pm

GOT LOST AND I DIDN"T CARE !!!!! on my way to UBC BY BIKE LOST IN THE TRAILS. If you walk in a trail, I guess you need a dog. good show.....speaking of good shows APRIL 29th at the Astoria!!!!! PHILLY'S SHEER MAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was screwing telling you through the whole bloody show!!!!

Track Listing:

a hundred pounds of clay
gene macdaniels · the hits!!!!!
we gotta go
shy guys · detroit rock comp.
east side story
bob seger!!!!!!!!!!! · old
waste my time
dead ghosts · song of love and death or something like that
i aint taking you out
personal and the pizzas · so good so old
i hate vegetarians
lesser pissers · apocalypse itch
worth the tears
sheer mag · III
wrong street
spacin · deep thuds
blk hwys
lantern · blk hwys
black mountain · florian saucer attack
nightshades · ep
je suis mort
zero de conduite · hits
we lost control
neighbourhood brats · recovery
i need an angel
la sera · music for lstening to music to
whitney k · pony
angry angles · 7 in
no reason
the young offenders · ep
mary tyler moore theme
husker du · 7in
the music of.....
norma lyon · night by a waterfall
it's alright
olenka · 7in
end of nowhere
ora cogan · ep
on the lips
frankie cosmos · single
exit 354
damien jurado · visions of us on the land
white winter hymnal
fleet foxes · s/t
no reason
brave irene · s/t
lee paradise · s/t
it's time to give your blood
jay holy · new
the woman inside of me
chris knox · single
devo · hRDCORE
sightlines · single
boyfriend girlfriend
verical struts · shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
the state of music
famines · single
one year
ketamines · 7in
police on my back
equals · back
love came tumblin down
monks · black monk time