Parts Unknown Episode February 29, 2016


1:00pm - 3:00pm

the first song Gob played in 1995 opening for cub was not the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme, but in face, the Laverne and Shirley theme. Parts Unknown regrets the error.

Track Listing:

closing theme
wkrp closing theme · wkrp
damn fool
exuma · II
list of demands
little red riding hood
bunker hill · best of
it's not fun
dirtbombs · old album
no rules
pure hell · no rules
police on my back
the equals · best of
way down in misery
younger lovers · rock flawless
dumb · beach church
wrong your
pre nup · single
human music · sup
tiny insight
gooch palms · introverted extroverts
mary tyler moore theme
husker du · single
empty castles
sick things · ep
you fell in
angry angels · s/t
planes of neptune
milk lines · ceramic
solomon burke · 7in
the woman inside of me
chris knox · seizure
jo passed · out
exit 353
damien jurado · single
explorer's club · best of
i want to go home
iceberg berg · new
i wont fall apart on you tonight
eleanor friedberger · new one
a place where we could go
seapony · a vision
gemini heart
sean nicolas savage · won ton jazz
let her go
mac demarco · salad days
the boys are drinking
b-girls · s/t
new york city
cub · come out come out