Parts Unknown Episode February 15, 2016

i bet i know someone from Jerk Jails

1:00pm - 3:00pm

but I have no time to find out! Also, fire alarm drill at about 1:13 that fucked up my rock set. But it was a short drill. love chris

Track Listing:

force of habit
the trypes · s/t
extra flesh
jerk jails · citr comp
spacin' · total freedom
can't stop fighting
sheer mag · single
just what i needed
nikki and the covettes · best of
yonder is closer to the heart
parquet courts · light up gold
DUMB · beach church
the day i met GOD
adam and the ants · dirk wears white socks
another turn
lantern · black highways ......
fumble tumble
purling hiss · single
electric eels · 7inch
buddies · confusion
lost and found
laika's orbit · no matter what it takes
your turn to run
vats · tour tape
personal best
black rice · current
milk · late bloomer ep
i can't wait
luna · lunapark
paper dolls
nerves · best of
wonder years
real estate · days
triple water
les chausettes · 7in
leave me alone
hinds · leave me alone
shimmering stars · single
snakes and ladders
tough age · i get the feeling central
the end
the avulsions · rough mix
golden torpedo
milk lines · ceramic