Parts Unknown Episode February 1, 2016

Ben Lai

1:00pm - 3:00pm

You did an absolutely incredible job hosting Shindig. You have always been passionate about the bands in Vancouver, and it was perfect fit for you. I hope this Friday (Feb the 5th 2016) there will be some old faces coming by Pat's Pub to buy you a drink. I hope to be one of them. your friend, chris.

Track Listing:

boogie monster · zechi mechi
pinball bb
late spring · ep
kiss me in a casket
wallgrin · single
when i'm alone
psychic alliance · psychedelic hamster
fanshaw · dark eyes
single man
sleuth · out of the blue period
vancougar · phone calls
wet hair
japandroids · post-nothing
a virgin in hollywood · s/t
no generation
war baby · death sweets
the return
black rice · s/t
petroleum by product · superficial artificial
conspicuous productions
hermetic · heratbreakology
don't turn us in now
bassment sweets · s/t
about every 12 hours
kids these days · all these interuptions
the rain and the sidewalk · nadir
dandi wind · ?
triple water
les chausettes · single
glad rags · smile
dark days
bad channels · s/t
i wanna be dumb
the yolks · s/t
nervous talk · s/t
got to have pop
the moderns · 7in
video girls
billy moon · adult.
melody hill
the archies · best of
i'm no good
king creep · pink tape
ty segall · emotional mugger