Parts Unknown Episode January 25, 2016

rip Jordan Mackenzie

1:00pm - 3:00pm

every week another sad tragedy. This one was a shock. My wife Alison knew Jordan when she lived in Victoria. She was saddened to hear that Jordan's body was found around Hornby Island. He was only 36. Just so brutal. An "air out of my sails" kind of show. I tried.

Track Listing:

muskeg parade
elfin saddle · old
breakfast eggs
ty segall · emotional mugger
i'm gonna break down
reatards · grown up fucked up
hammer heart
meercaz & the visions · s/t
babysitter · tv baby
liza jones
davie jones and the king bees · 7in
cy barkley · 7 in
painted sign
matthew melton · tricky
spooky cough
organ eyes · daze pace
dressy bessy · kingsized
bed bugs
atlantic thrills · s/t
button up
sheer mag · 7in II
ricky street
angie · free agent
milk lines · single
ramona · ramona
king bee · 7in
gender poutine · dear mom
together again
batsch · DEAR JANET
yolks · demo
who are we fooling today
tough customer · demo
shimmering stars · ep
milk · late bloomer ep
death sentence
cindy lee · malenkost
though rock fish scale
nap eyes · stargazer
it followed us home
rooooooooms · it takes a lot to show up
one thing your money couldn't buy
adrian teacher and the subs · sorta hafta
almost ready
normals · 7in