Parts Unknown Episode January 11, 2016


1:00pm - 3:00pm

sad day. Oh, how you inspired me, mr bowie.

Track Listing:

BOWIE · lodger
night games
rooms · let's play
before the world was big
girlpool · s/t
magic 8 ball
cub · box of hair
drawn to the blood
sufjan stevens · carrie and lowell
cascadia · weighted
sometimes i forget
dead soft · big smoke comp
freedom/ constraint
swim team · freedom/constraint
throw them in the fire
war baby · death sweats
i wanna be dumb
the yolks · 7 inch
whip my valet
the intelligence · single
the rats · the
escaping alive
renny wilson · punk explosion
san diego
hinds · leave me alone
i'm a stranger
first base · 7 inch
ooh ah oh wow
tough age · hot heroes 2
ashes to ashes
warpaint · bowie tribute
souvenir shop rock
savoy motel · 7in
MILK LINES · ceramic
palm reader
shilohs · s/t
cheap tuesday
pinc lincolns · the best of
lost and found
laika's orbit · no matter what it takes
already home
indian wars · songs from the north
desert skies
beachwood sparks · s/t
she said
hasil adkins · out to hunch
fill your heart
BOWIE · hunky dory