Parts Unknown Episode January 4, 2016

a mess plain and simple

1:00pm - 3:00pm

and this is the one I am getting evaluated on!!!! it's the painted fruit song. It put me in a bad mood. Many songs have done that in the past, and usually I look back and say, "what was the big deal" So I'll give it a day and listen to the show. And then I will barf!

Track Listing:

the chase is better than the catch
MOTORHEAD · ace of spades
the bomber
girlschool · s/t
and the jerks
teenage jesus · orphans
king bee · 7 inch
american woman
aaron read · hot heroes
lost and found
laika's orbit · s/t
nice to know
parasol · s/t
running away
painted fruit · fruit salad
hope so
puple seven · garden eyes
rick springfield · best of
so sad
jack wood · 7 in
be bop
the babes · the babes
she devils · ep
i'm blue
5678's · s/t
so etched in memory
benoit pioulard · s/t
claim of vanity
cindy lee · malenkost
my game of loving
white noise · an electric storm
voices of old people
simon and garfunkel · bookends
advancement in disgust
gary war · s/t
time trial
tommy tone · fax me a brain
blonde elvis · ep
red sea
golden grrrls · ep
night games
rooms · lets play getting closer
outta sight
human music · sup
i have a dream
sheer agony · masterpiece