Parts Unknown Episode December 7, 2015

please Nardwuar

1:00pm - 3:00pm

feel better..........

Track Listing:

whirl wisp
twink · dust bunnies
kidnap kids · you would run from ratboy grave
hello elanor
just jeffrey · you coffe and tea
girlfrend · ep
a world of hurt
richard catwrangleur · i shook the boss off
born to wander
jack wood · 7inch
la la la
mike krol · turkey
i can't go home anymore
the shangri-las · leader of the pack
betting on death
black abba · 7in
hard to please
du blonde · a return to milk
breathing smear
useless eaters · single
get up get out
timmy's organism · new
vision · single
crystal crown
milk lines · demo
hearts of darkness
poor queen
thee oh sees · mutilator defeated at last
gun control · single
i'll keep on holding on
the action · best of
where were you
fist city · single
thatnk you very much
the scaffold · best of
pumpin up the dream
energy slime · hot heroes 2
i always get what i want
moss lime · new
human music · sup
american woman
aaron read · hot heroes
two mirrors
cannon bros · new
i have a dream
sheer agony · new
let's play getting closer
rooms · upcoming
the sea calls me home
julia holter · new
tears in the type
broadcast · tender buttons
sibylle baier · colour green