Parts Unknown Episode November 16, 2015

Donald Market's

1:01pm - 3:00pm

on hastings. WHAT THE HELL. THERE IS NO FRICKING ROOM TO MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NONE!!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

middle of the end
revered · but what if I'm right
25 forever
mama · night shoot
tv ghost · bad luck charms
hard times
babysitter · s/t
blank generation
richard hell · ork records new york
girl that I loved
the idols · ork
the way you touch my hand
the revelons · ork
prix · ork
erasers · ork
paris face
angie · free agent
here it comes
flyin · ep
runaways · best
poor form · demo
christmas weather
student teachers · ork
summer sun
chris stamey · ork
water mark
shrouded amps · ep
quitting · ep
current boyfriend
other jesus · everything is boink boink
girl on the run
honey bane · single
opiate glow
tense men · ep
let's get together
young rival · interior light
be mine
burnt palms · split cd
somebody always tryin
ted taylor · single
i've lost you
chains of love · misery makers
screamin jay hawkins · best
lullaby for vancouver
collapsing opposites · dreamland