Parts Unknown Episode February 18, 2013

I wanted to play Squeeze but i forgot

1:06pm - 1:06pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

international date line
ducktails · the flower lane
here comes my girlfriend
wicked lester · re-issue
games · s/t
waiting for your call
warm soda
party police
slow learners
shoes · black vinyl shoes
making conversations
clues · s/t
veronica falls · waiting for something to happen
all day long
shop assistants
sightlines · ep
zen mystery fogg · 7 inch
so blue
bloodshot bill · so blue
people get ready
shilohs · so wild
sweetheart of the north
indian wars · the north
a new love can be found
daniel ramano · come cry with me
tomoroww is forever
solomon burke · nashville
the zippers
note killers · s/t
i need to sleep
r stevie moore · phonography
stuff all over the place
evan symons · on strike for sanity
in the pocket
mattress · ep
pissed jeans · honeys
unknown mortal orchestra · ii
i dont care what the people say
silver apples · contact
moon duo · circles
stomach worm
stereolab · peng
sylvan tragedy
gal gracen · blue hearts in exile
lay down in the tall grass
timber timbre · s/t