Parts Unknown Episode December 17, 2012

Scott4 GaryWar MatesofState USgirls People'sTemple ThinGaze CaptainBeefheart

12:18pm - 12:18pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

pay to cum
bad brains · i against i
the flaming lips · w/ prefuse 73 colab album
advancements in disgust
gary war
doing it right
go team · 2nd album
white williams · smoke
dream kitsch
cascadia · unconditionally
eric's trip
sonic youth · daydream nation
sweet young thing
mudhoney · superfuzz bigmuff
can't tell no one
terry malts · killing time
even black
weed · gun control EP
the people's temple · more for the masses
city of a dream
tyvek · triple beams
day to day
ex cult · s/t
snow crash
glitter wizard · solar hits
tv baby
babysitter · eye
buzzcocks · singles going steady
sightlines · tape EP!!!!
coke alley
thin gaze · _________
get behind me
scott walker · 4
beware your only friend
bonnie prince billy · beware
Indian Wars · Songs From the North
private lives
shilohs · 7 inch
before you leave
thrush hermit · clayton park
dating myself · s/t
take my hand
orca team · restraint
mates of state · my solo project
little tv
drressy bessy · pink hearts yellow moons
gal gracen