Parts Unknown Episode December 10, 2012

sun city girls, walker brothers, b-lines, lesser pissers, dating myself, indian w

12:59pm - 12:59pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

take it east on yourself
walker brothers
dating myself · s/t
pups · ep
water boy
imperial teen · seasick
get older
matthew sweet · 100%
shaved temple
superconductor · hit songs for girls
new love
the muffs · best of
say yeah
tyvek · triple beams
another time
cheap time · wallpaper music
night beats · single
you've the critics
the mallard · s/t
brenda lee
chuck berry
sweetheart of the north
indian wars · sweetheart of the north
wine in bed
capitol 6 · pretty lost
ballantynes · 7inch
wilco · return of the grevious angel
XIU XIU · 7 inch Kingfisher Bluez
sun city girls
thinking fellers union
dead kid
spesh pep · single
pure evil
lesser pissers · bedtime 7inch
normal again
b-lines · single
my fight
fuck me dead · killed by canada
needles // pins · 12;34
hidden hand
sex church · sonambulist ep
teledrome · single
scenes from a marriage
total control · 7inch
are friends electric
tubeway army · oldie
world of time
new years resolution · old