Parts Unknown Episode November 12, 2012

JuvieHall, Sightlines, GalGracen, MormonCrosses, RoyWood, EatingOut..........

1:02pm - 1:02pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

see my baby jive
roy wood · see my baby jive
what else can i be
collapsing opposites · real moving
why should i love you
r stevie moore · why should i love you
come back jonee
devo · are we not men
music tapes · mary's voice
electric chair
bleached · electric chair
creep freezer
juvenile hall · magazine collage
Eating Out · single
is it day or night ?
runaways · first album
love cuts · oldish 7 inch
Why Can't I Change
Slam Dunk · Welcome To Miami
mormon crosses · demo
false jesii
pissed jeans · old
burned body
naomi punk · the feeling
european son
thee oh sees · velvet underground tribute
everything you have ever done is beautiful
jdh aka branches · everything you've ever done has been beautiful
aaron read · single
beautiful girl
sightlines · ep
how i came
watermelon · split 7 inch
infinity symbol
gal gracen · demo
only the wind
sean nicholas savage · flamingo
no no no no
the sorrows
los siacos
take my hand
man legs · bandcamp
the money will roll right in
defektors · tape
i'm losing tonight
passing fancy
poem party
strange boys · and girls club
all night blues
fungi girls · some easy magic
getting on home
needles//pins · la ti da 7inch
once you die
staccatos · old ottawa
northwest company · awesome old
what a way to die
pleasure seekers · awesome old