Parts Unknown Episode October 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Tranzmittors the React Christopher Smith and.......

1:03pm - 1:03pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

mother!!!! MARY!!!!
vicious cycles · the long and....
a little bit closer
tranzmittors · 7 inch
i dont mind
buzzcocks · old but awesome
sk robot · s/t
harsh hex
crystal swells · ep harshside
love can tame the wild
the monks · black monk time
the react · unreleased
too much monkey business
chuck berry
muddy water
phone calls · regrets
total randoms
open relationship · open relationship
trophy wife
gang bang · keepin it riel
my boyfriend
suburban lawns · s/t
no friend of mine
bleached · newish
girl crimes
the poor choices · new
moon duo · new!
Poor Moon
Canned Heat
nothing that has happened
tame impala · lonerism
syd barrett · barrett
king and khan · 7inch
galactic melt
com truise · komputer cast
VILLAGE · 7 inch
i had a dream
white poppy · ep
gary war · horribles parade
it is what it is
jenny ritter · bright mainland
do not love too long
leah abramson · s/t
no children
mountain goats · new!
earning keep
christopher smith · earning keep
i don't feel so happy right now
personal and the pizzas
velvet days
fungi girls
she's so fine