Parts Unknown Episode October 24, 2011

lots of new! my brain was mush! I hate biking in the rain! But I must!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

sonic youth · sister
man made lake
world club · liveable viability
never again
lightning dust · never again split 7 inch
i know
ela orleans · split with dirty beaches
tom waits · bad as me
god speed
dirty beaches · split with ela orleans
crooked fingers · breaks in the armour
annie atkinson · mooniture
cicadas and gulls
feist · metals
hard times
himalayan bear · hard times
all the stars
lost lovers brigade · little skeletons
dull light
sex church · growing...the new one
social anxiety
the courtneys · demo
weeks and months
pleasure cruise · ep
bruce peninsula · open flames
friends of friends
the beets · friends of friends
grocery store
slow learners · 7 inch
this guy
twerps · NEW!
still corners · new!
beachy head
veronica falls · NeW!