Parts Unknown Episode October 10, 2011

Canadian Thanksgiving! the only true Thanksgiving!

12:59pm - 12:59pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

as long as i live
bruce peninsula · open flames
petunia and the vipers · s/t
cash on the barrelhead
louvin brothers
I Might
Wilco · The Whole Love
Twigs and Stones
Siskiyou · Keep Away the Dead
Ready To Go
Bare Wires · Don't Ever Change
empty words
rich kids · empty words
because i'm a boy
makeout video tape · ep
take it as it comes
vivian girls · i got it off you tube, I think it's new
fungi girls · some easy magic
east van girls
shimmering stars · violent hearts
i'm a body
nu sensae
shearing pinx · rituals
twin crystals · bones demo
entirely different matters
unwound · plastic ideas
what else could i be
collapsing opposites · real problems ep
day dream
dog day · deformer
Beachy Head
Veronica Falls
my house
can i knock on this door ?
little wings · black grass