Parts Unknown Episode May 30, 2011

a "music waste special" that didn't horrifically suck

1:00pm - 3:00pm

me too

Track Listing:

boogie monster · zecchimecchi
how much you care
tyler gilbert · the re-session
brain enthusiast
slam dunk · the shivers
for what they do they do
apollo ghosts · for what they do they do
brain enthusiast
bad fate · ep
take a camera
abramson singers
good friend yr hunger
castanets · first lights freeze
if you want
korean gut · if you want
when you die
staccatos · detached!
shadow of fear
defektors · the bottom of the city
human life
terrorbird · human culture
yung mums · cobra
In the Red
B Lines · s/t
rabies jump
needles//pins · rabies jump
jeff koons
mass marriage · jeff koons jeff koons
tidal wave
watermelon · tidal wave
breaking my heart
col · ep
get ready now
the shilohs · get ready