Parts Unknown Episode May 2, 2011

i clipped off 30 minutes

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

it rains
blines · s/t
i am a poseur
x ray spex · germfree adolscents
bikini kill · cd version of first two records
caucasian guilt
noh mercy
sixteen ways
vivian girls · share the joy
under the way
shannon and the clams · s/t
be your bro
those darlins · stick with this
hunx and his punx · tonite
lula reed · vampi soul comp
you can't escape from time
role mach
sucre du savage
quintron · sucre du savage
candy floss
jonny · s/t
suara naga
arrington di dionyso · suara naga
student teacher
spelling bee
crystal stilts · in love with oblivion
moon duo · mazes
tricked out
sic alps · napa asylum
lonesome hunter
timbre timber · creep on creepin on
charlie parker
i'm from barcelona · F
the pains of being of heart · belong