Parts Unknown Episode April 4, 2011

awesome new Timber Timbre Jeans Wilder and Gene Wilder!!!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

golden spruce
shearing pinx · blood stains across BC
blue ballroom
the reeks and the wrecks · s/t
timber timbre · creep on creepin on
pretty suzzanne
monks · blank monk time
french film blurred
wire · chairs missing
border country
swell maps · jane from occupied europe
witch hunt town
flight · ep
mary ellem claims
tyvek · s/t
wake ups
myelin sheaths · what's yr diagnosis
television girls
bare wires · s/t
can't get away
chain and the gang · music's not for everyone
be your bro
those darlins · sparks get harder
your cheatin heart
james brown · dirty laundry
my black heaven
whip of the ufo · demo
jeans wilder · ep
lord knows best
dirty beaches · s/t
they like you
mattress · they like you
Gemini Heart
Sean Nicholas Savage · Movin Up in Society
so cow · demo
Snoopy Waves
Deerhoof · Offend Maggie
umbrella blues
katie caron · the forest isn't big enough
baby's breath
bill callahan · apocolypse
natural history
the finches · on golden hill