Parts Unknown Episode October 6, 2008

Broadcast on 06-Oct-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Jordie Sparkle guest hosts and attempts to convince the audience of Parts Unknown to listen to the song pseudo-scientifically proven to be the Most Unwanted Song ever.

Track Listing:

the most wanted song
komar & melamid and dave soldier · the people's choice music
islands in the stream
constantines and feist · internetz
missing you
john waite · missing you
trailer brides · high seas
gentle on my mind
mary kay cosmetics · product music
dance the slurp
7-11 · product music
whiskey rabbi
geoff berner · whiskey rabbi
the silver apples · contact
venus in furs
esl · eye contact
beginning to see the ligh
the velvet underground · s/t
you trip me up
the jesus and mary chain · psychocandy
all my friends
lcd soundsystem · sounds of silver
we got bones
hank and lily · north america
4'33 (john cage cover)
jordie yow · fake covers
mutators · emergency room vol 1
kitty friend
nihilist spasm band · i ate your leg
unicorns shit rainbows
stamina mantis · shearing pinx/stamina mantis
dj's ain't shit
gr8-2000 · pump that shit up
what's opera doc?
bugs bunny and elmer fudd · youtube
coulda woulda shoulda
lyric1 · i heart alberta rap
dirty fingernails
modest mouse · the fruit that ate itself
i don't believe you
the magnetic fields · i don't believe you
this is an ad for cigarettes
winning · this is an ad for cigarettes
triumph of the heart
bjork · ?
the most unwanted song
komar & melamid and dave soldier · the people's choice music