Parts Unknown Episode June 2, 2008

Broadcast on 02-Jun-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Music Waste happens this June 4th to the 8th, so the first hour had me trying to explain that to you. Lots of good bands. If I may, might I suggest you see Hank And Lily, Ora Cogan, Mattress, Stamina Mantis and Flowers from the Man that shot your cousin, if not just for the name. The first hour was dedicated to the upcoming week of mischeif and wonder.

Track Listing:

sounds of the count
creaking planks · s/t
big plans
hank and lily · north america
my sweetie went away
ora cogan · s/t
this hill used to be a valley
Greenbelt Collective · Our Homes
busy man
b-lines · s/t
stamina mantis · new
hidden microphone
ice cream · new
bloody blood
ok vancouver ok · old
go ahead and litter
mattress · heavy sounds
anni rossi · older
hawaiian bibles · there's good people in the city
Local Garbage
White Lung · Local Garbage
viper face
gr8-2000 · new
japandriods · new
two songs
mudhoney · old
no age · nouns
simply saucer · cyborgs ..........
hives · crazy old
new york dolls · super crazy old