Parts Unknown Episode January 28, 2008

Broadcast on 28-Jan-2008

1:00pm - 3:00pm

So I began with track one from the Black Mountain album.
I am kind of torn. There are too many venues again. You know what that means? There will be too few venues again in six months. EVERYONE!!! To my HOME. For Rockin'!!!! I will give you the directions. It will be called Chez Riffic and Sealed With a Kiss will bow to my venue!!!
But I digress...............

Track Listing:

role mach · orffesque
my head
times new viking · myspace
stormy high
black mountain · in the future
white blue yellow and clouds · s/t
8 house on the hill
beach house · s/t
things in general
prefects · messthetics
sylvia clarke
fakes · messthetics
Bright Lights
Leather Uppers · Bright Lights
charmed life
half japanese
the music machine · nuggets
brights lights
leather uppers · bright lights
mahjongg · s/t