Parts Unknown Episode October 29, 2007

Broadcast on 29-Oct-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I didn't play any BA Johnston, but I recently had conversation with him that I am thinking of right now. He was telling me that he has been with his girlfriend for, like five years. On one hand, I am happy for him. She must be a great lady. But On the other hand, all his songs are about how much of a loser he is and how he cant find a girlfriend. I feel so deceived. My friend Pietro has this on line Magazine complete with CD compilation called Spoox
which stresses odd musicians and found sounds. I played alot off his album on this show. Happy Halloween.

Track Listing:

tristan psionic · old one
pretty girl
casiotone for the painfully alone · worried noodles
No kids · worried noodles comp
surrounded in smoke
chad van gaalen · cbc sessions
islands · worried noodles
all that i had
jon rae · knows what you need
pink mountain tops · cbc radio session
pricked in the heart
fiery furnaces · widow city