Parts Unknown Episode October 1, 2007

Broadcast on 01-Oct-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

822-8648 Give Give Give!!!

Track Listing:

twink · broken record
lovely lady
anemones · ep
I can Change My mind
Simply Saucer · Cyborgs Revisited
well well well
K TELS · no escape
that girl
screamers · my space
you're my home
adrian orange · s/t
blue honey
pop levi · blah blah
neutral milk hotel · in the aeroplane.....
little star
CUB · betti cola
elephant of surprise
capgun coup · brought to you be nebraskafish
jenny omnichord · cities of gifts and ghosts
1 and 12
thurston moore · trees out side the academy
broken social scene · kevin drew presents spirit if
take pills
[anda bear · person pitch
octoberman · run from safety
jose ganzalez · in our nature
clare and the reasons · the movie
shame about the cow
the kids at widney high · old