Particles and Waves Episode August 1, 2017

Andy Warhol's Bystanders and Dubiously Lovable Fluorescents

2:00pm - 3:00pm

In this episode we play new tracks from Canadian powerhouses Stars and Purity Ring, as well as throw out an aural message in a bottle to one of your host's favourite bands.

Track Listing:

Fluorescent Light
Stars · There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light
Goldfrapp · Silver Eye
Noga Erez · Off the Radar
Purity Ring · Asido
Lydia Ainsworth · Darling of the Afterglow
Chesire Kitten
KAYE · Chesire Kitten Single
Fast Romantics · American Love
In Hollywood, Everyone is Plastic
Trevor Sensor · Andy Warhol's Dream
Velvet Gloves and Spit
Timber Timbre · Sincerely, Future Pollution
It's Not Up to Me
Jets Overhead · Bystander
Black Gold
The Wooden Sky · Swimming in Strange Waters
Pink Kimono
Whitehorse · Panther in the Dollhouse
Prozzak · Saturday People