Particles and Waves Episode September 13, 2016

Standby for Zorg-Tusk Disruption

2:03pm - 3:01pm

Some unexpected particle interactions result in sudden disappearances and delightfully odd spin pairings involving bluegrass and surprise brass.

Track Listing:

I Want to Be Here
case/lang/veirs · case/lang/veirs
Ashley Shadow · Ashley Shadow
E.S.L. · Heart Contact
All of My Enemies
Ages and Ages · Something to Ruin
Charlotte Cornfield · Future Snowbird
Good Girl
Jadea Kelly · Love and Lust
Telepathic Teddy Bear · Vessels
Search Party
The Dandy Warhols · Distortland
Male Gaze
The Zolas · Swooner
Fleetwood Mac · The Dance
Look Up
Stars · Heart
Lemon Pie
Tomato/Tomato · I Go Where You Go
Spies are Lurking
The Zorgs · Chew On It