Pacific Pickin' Episode September 6, 2022

Artist Features - Jimmie Rodgers & The Blue Canyon Boys

5:59am - 8:00am

It's Jimmie Rodgers birthday this week so one set of the artist features salutes that. The other artist feature is for a band we have just become acquainted with, The Blue Canyon Boys, who were kind enough to give us three CDs of their music so we are doing an artist feature to introduce you to this fine Colorado band if you are not familiar with them. We also have some other birthdays to celebrate and some fine new music. Stay safe!

Track Listing:

You Never Even Call Me By My Name
David Allan Coe · David Allan Coe & Johnny Paycheck
A Stranger in My Arms
Patsy Cline · Walkin' Dreams
Second Hand Saddle
Eli Barsi · Second Hand Saddles
Above and Beyond
Buck Owens · The Buck Owens Collection
Flame in My Heart
George Jones & Melba Montgomery · Vintage Collection
A Fool and His Honey
Lynn Swisher Spears · I Am
Meander Creek
Shane Cook & The Woodchippers · Be Here for a While
Prairie Wind
Joy Zimmerman · The Canvas Before Us
Big Mon
Bill Monroe · 1950-1958
Old Slewfoot
Dry Branch Fire Squad · Tearing' Outta the Wilderness
Live and Let Live
Josiah Tyree · Smith County Five String
It's a Cold, Cold World
James King · Webco Classics
Faithful Enough
Lonesome Town Painters · Go Out & Paint the Town
When Am I Gonna Get Over You
Trisha Gagnon · A Story About You and Me
I'm Looking for Someone to Love
Buddy Holly · Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Lost Without You
Buzz Busby · Traditional Bluegrass
Lonely is My Name
Laura Orshaw · Solitary Diamond
Blue Monday
Leon Morris · The Best of Leon Morris
I'm Ready to Go Home
Kody Norris Show · When I Get the Money Made
At the Feet of God
Janet McGarry · Wearin' the Blues
There's a Bright Side Somewhere
Happy Traum · There's a Bright Side Somewhere
Down the Road to Home
Jimmie Rodgers · 1931-1932 Down the Old Road
Somewhere Down Below the Dixon Line
Jimmie Rodgers · 1933 Last Sessions
Memphis Yodel
Jimmie Rodgers · 1927-1928 First Sessions
Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia
Jimmie Rodgers · 1932 Hard Times
Forget About You
Blue Canyon Boys · 7
Nobody's Love is Like Mine
Blue Canyon Boys · Next Go Round
Riding on That Northbound Train
Blue Canyon Boys · Blue Canyon Boys
The Wall
Blue Canyon Boys · 7
Can I Go Home With You
Jr Williams · single
You Don't Have to Do That
Della Mae · Family Reunion
Crooked Stovepipe · Newfoundland Bluegrass