Pacific Noise Weird Episode July 7, 2023

July 7 2023

4:59pm - 5:49pm

New music from across Vancouver

Track Listing:

Under The Con
AANTHEMS · New Ruins
when what once worked suddenly breaks (free)
drive you plow over the bones of the dead · Demo
No. 1 Special · Cheaper Than Therapy
The Sylvia Platters · Live at Malibu Sound
Spider in the Sink
Deaf Dogs · Live from the pound
I Remember Again
KidMotor · Not a Radio Star
Poetically Talking To Myself
Callieflower · Flower for the Poets
Brown Paper Bag
The Stakes Are Us · Before And After
Over / Under
Owies · Loveseat
Are We Still Friends?
The Greatest Sons · When the Music Will End
Flat Earth · Conviction
Song For The Middle Aged
Imogen Moon · When They Start Rebelling