Orange Grove Radio Episode February 10, 2022

Orange Grove Radio, Episode 33

11:00am - 12:00pm

Join host Jenna Marie as she plays the latest and greatest in Canadian Jazz

Track Listing:

TuneTown · Entering Utopia
I Hear a Rhapsody
Bernie Senensky · Don't Look Back
Accolade Parad
Sarah Jerrom · Dream Logic
Layla Tov
TuneTown · Entering Utopia
TuneTown · Entering Utopia
Swamp Castles
Audrey Ochoa · Frankenhorn
I Don't Know
Dan Fortin · Brinks
Can You Hear Me?
Nick Maclean · Zion
Surrey With a Fringe on Top
Amy Cervini · No One Ever Tells You
Autumn's Embrace
Marie Goudy 12tet · The Bitter Suite