One Hour of Happy Happy Fun-Time Musick Episode March 9, 2023


11:59pm - 1:03am

industrial + hip-hop = endless bangers. in this episode, Nikki shares the wonderful tunes of Death Grips and another local-to-Vancouver industrial project known as Noise Unit.

Track Listing:

No Love
Death Grips · No Love Deep Web
I've Seen Footage
Death Grips · The Money Store
Show Me the Body · Dog Whistle
You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You
Death Grips · Government Plates
Giving Bad People Good Ideas
Death Grips · Bottomless Pit
Lil Boy
Death Grips · No Love Deep Web
Alone Again
Noise Unit · Cheeba City Blues
Hollow Ground
Noise Unit · Strategy of Violence
Like Spinning Plates
Radiohead · Amnesiac
Noise Unit · Grinding into Emptiness
Paranoid Mass
Noise Unit · Response Frequency