One Hour of Happy Happy Fun-Time Musick Episode February 23, 2023


11:59pm - 1:07am

on episode two of "one hour of happy happy fun-time musick" Nikki V introduces her favourite industrial artist, Coil, as well as the Canadian electro-industrial duo Orphx.

Track Listing:

Nine Inch Nails · The Fragile
The Anal Staircase
Coil · Horse Rotorvator
Ostia (The Death of Passolini)
Coil · Horse Rotorvator
Strange Birds
Coil · Musick To Play In The Dark
Chris & Cosey, Coil · Core
Orphx · Fragmentation
Blood in the Streets
Orphx · Pitch Black Mirror
Eye on You - Orphx Remix
Front Line Assembly, Robert Gorl, Orphx · Single