Now We're Talking Episode August 28, 2016

Episode #10 - "Judaism: The Right Way To Go In The Rain"

5:59pm - 6:58pm

In the process of celebrating our 10th episode we learn that Keith is afraid of balloons. Apparently there was an incident when he was a religious boy, though it wasn't as bad as it sounds. Keith discusses what it's like to re-read "1984" in 2016 and gives me the impression that Orwell just may be his favourite literary 2-hit wonder.

In "This Week's News" we discuss very little about what happened in the news this week, instead reflecting on how we consume news in the first place. Keith is enthusiastic to discuss the nostalgic Netflix series "Stranger Things" and musters nuanced exasperation in an analysis of his frustration with "The Walking Dead" and his indifference to its companion series, "Fear the Walking Dead".