Norwegian Wood Episode March 24, 2012

Broadcast on [24-March-2012]

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Roeyksopp/electronica special. Played music from Melody AM and Junior + When Saints Go machine, Fever Ray and Diskjokke.

Track Listing:

So Easy
Roeyksopp · Melody AM
Church and Law
When Saints Go Machine · Konkalye
Those High Frequency Feelings
Mathias Stuboe · Single - Those High Frequency Feeling
Shape Shifting
Young Galaxy · Shape Shifting
Music in my Mind
Lindstroem and Christabelle · Real Life is No Cool
Vision One
Roeyksopp · Junior
Fever Ray · Fever Ray
Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider go!!
Trentemoeller · Into the Great wide yonder
Lay of the land
Plej · Single - Lay of the Land
Stalker humanoid
Renaissance Man · Renaissance Man Project
Melody Man
Caribou · Andorra
Russian Futurist
Paul Simon · Our Thickness
Grimes · Hallifax
Folk i Farta
Diskjokke · Staying in