Noise Complaint Episode November 24, 2021

CRWR411 Writing for Lyric Forms with Tariq Hussain

3:01pm - 4:58pm

CiTR is joined in-studio by student from CRWR411, Tariq Hussain's songwriting class to take over CiTR 101.9FM and share some of their songs written during the 2021 semester.

ft. performances by
1. Rayne Weinstein (she/he/they) - Warsaw
2. Lara Yildirim (she/they) - Alec
3. Gabrielle Elena (she/her) - Let Me Miss You Again
4. Kaila Johnson (she/they) - Wednesday Nights
5. MacKenzie Sewell (she/they) - Graveyard Blanket
6. Emma Doig (she/her) - Belladonna Wine
7. Sebastian Young (he/him) - Song for Future Self
8. Brit Runeckles (they/she) - Was It Just Me?
9. Jessica Kim (she/her) - Minimum Wage
10. Sinead Tebbutt (she/her) - Outside Rain (working title)
11. Jaenna Cali (she/her) - Standing By
12. Katya Kirschmann (she/her) - Catch & Release

Track Listing:

Rayne Weinstein · LIVE
Lara Yildirim · LIVE
Let Me Miss You Again
Gabrielle Elena · LIVE
Wednesday Nights
Kaila Johnson · LIVE
Graveyard Blanket
MacKenzie Sewell · LIVE
Belladonna Wine
Emma Doig · LIVE
Song for Future Self
Sebastian Young · LIVE
Was It Just Me?
Brit Runeckles · LIVE
Minimum Wage
Jessica Kim · LIVE
Outside Rain
Sinead Tebbutt · LIVE
Standing By
Jaenna Cali · LIVE
Catch & Release
Katya Kirschmann · LIVE