Noise Complaint Episode December 2, 2020

UBC Creative Writing 411/511: Advanced Lyrical Forms

6:00pm - 7:32pm

Jasper is joined by Tariq Hussain and his songwriting class, who share some of their songs written during the 2020 semester.

Spencer Oakes--Motorcade
Tarene Thomas--Lullaby
Gabrielle Rutman--The Believing
Valie Madejska--June
Eleanor Panno--Burnt Toast
Cole Klassen--Camping Prayer
Edie Chunn--Leave It Up To You
Claudine Yip--Where Do They Go
Ethan Wescoatt--The Cloud Sea
Emma Leck--Butterflies

Track Listing:

Spencer Oakes · -
Tarene Thomas · -
The Believing
Gabrielle Rutman · -
Valie Madejska · -
Burnt Toast
Eleanor Panno · -
Camping Prayer
Cole Klassen · -
Leave It Up To You
Edie Chunn · -
Where Do They Go
Claudine Yip · -
The Cloud Sea
Ethan Wescoatt · -
Emma Leck · -