Nod on the List Episode October 20, 2013

Broadcast on 20-Oct-2013

5:50pm - 7:00pm

Grizmatik - my people-mp3 release
Gramatik - obviously-mp3 release
Bumper - get into position(ted willy remix)-homebreakin' records
Compuphonic & Kolombo - sand storm(monitor 66 remix)-sand storm
Lee Foss & MK - electricity-electricity
Lovebirds & Stee downs - want you in my soul-mp3 release
Johnny Corporate - sunday shootin-sunday shootin'
funk hunters - soul beat ft erica dee (neighbour remix)-soul beat
Lokiboi - rhythm we can groove to-mp3 release
teenage mutants - out of time-mp3 release
Scotty D - Scotty D presents DayVision-mp3 release
Is there Phillips? - Junkie's twilight (V edit)-mp3 release
Slynk & Skiitour - on top-mp3 release
Slynk & Crazy Daylight - she's got that-mp3 release
The Funk Hunters - soul man-Mp3 release

Track Listing:

my people
Grizmatik · mp3 release
Gramatik · mp3 release
get into position(ted willy remix)
Bumper · homebreakin' records
sand storm(monitor 66 remix)
Compuphonic & Kolombo · sand storm
Lee Foss & MK · electricity
want you in my soul
Lovebirds & Stee downs · mp3 release
sunday shootin
Johnny Corporate · sunday shootin'
soul beat ft erica dee (neighbour remix)
funk hunters · soul beat
rhythm we can groove to
Lokiboi · mp3 release
out of time
teenage mutants · mp3 release
Scotty D presents DayVision
Scotty D · mp3 release
Junkie's twilight (V edit)
Is there Phillips? · mp3 release
on top
Slynk & Skiitour · mp3 release
she's got that
Slynk & Crazy Daylight · mp3 release
soul man
The Funk Hunters · Mp3 release