Nod on the List Episode March 17, 2013

Broadcast on 17-Mar-2013

6:00pm - 7:00pm

dj day - sushi in fresno (land of 1000 chances)
jazz liberators/fat lip - my style is fly (fruit of the past)
asap rocky - 1 train (long live asap)
mat the alien - universal horn remix (single)
jamie lidell - so cold (jamie lidell)
john smith - vandalize the temple (ol man winter)
no bird sing - dead leaves (no bird sing)
ira lee - ed (growl )
japandroids - for the love of ivy (celebrationrock)
fox + sui - grass in flight (fox + sui)
tame impala - feels like we only go backwards (lonerism)
the uncluded - earthquake by rhymes (the uncluded)
pigeon hole - champion (pigeon hole)
smear camp/evil ebenezer - know how (smear camp)

Track Listing:

sushi in fresno
dj day · land of 1000 chances
my style is fly
jazz liberators/fat lip · fruit of the past
1 train
asap rocky · long live asap
universal horn remix
mat the alien · single
so cold
jamie lidell · jamie lidell
vandalize the temple
john smith · ol man winter
dead leaves
no bird sing · no bird sing
ira lee · growl
for the love of ivy
japandroids · celebrationrock
grass in flight
fox + sui · fox + sui
feels like we only go backwards
tame impala · lonerism
earthquake by rhymes
the uncluded · the uncluded
pigeon hole · pigeon hole
know how
smear camp/evil ebenezer · smear camp