No Dead Air Episode August 2, 2018

Episode 17

5:57pm - 6:58pm

Live acoustic covers of classic drum and bass bangers. Local Vancouver jazz-fusion group Cantaloupe Lounge makes their breakout debut. Other jazz fusion tracks are also featured.

Track Listing:

A Journey To Reedham (Live)
Casimir Liberski Trio · A Journey To Reedham (Live) - Cover
Goodbye Michael
DJ Boring · Goodbye Michael - Single
E Minor Hip-Hop
Cantaloupe Lounge · Cantaloupe Lounge
Strings of Nashville
Pavement · Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
4 (Live)
Alarm Will Sound · 4 (Cover)
Lo Que He Tas Grande
Vetusta Morla · Mapas
Strings of Light
Yussef Kamaal · Black Focus
Toes Go To Work
Cantaloupe Lounge · Cantaloupe Lounge
The Trans-Love Express
Jean-Luc Ponty · Enigmatic Ocean