No Dead Air Episode July 5, 2018

Episode 15

6:02pm - 7:05pm

It's been nearly a month since the last episode. I'm returning with a mixbag of tracks from all of the shows staple genres: jazz-fusion, post-rock, and experimental electronic. I am especially excited about the content for this episode because I've had extra time to share only my favourite tracks from this months listening.

Track Listing:

No Self Control
Peter Gabriel · Peter Gabriel 3: Melt
Hung Up On A Dream
The Zombies · Odessey & Oracle
Holy Fucking Shit: 40000
Have A Nice Life · Deathconsciousness
Song To The Siren
Tim Buckley · Starsailor
Etched Headplate
Burial · Untrue
Anja Lechner & Dino Saluzzi · Ojos Negros
We Float
Nunbers are Futile · Sunlight On Black Horizon
One O'Clock Tomorrow
FM · Black Noise