Ninth Wave Episode July 31, 2019

Episode 063

8:59pm - 10:02pm

Happy Pride!

This episode of Ninth Wave Radio is dedicated to all the LGBTQ2A+ & BIPOC. The Last 40 minutes of this mix is dedicated to the dancers and artists who find freedom in community and help the resistance against bigotry & narrow-mindedness!

I forgot the address why Pride exists in the first place within the episode (forgetful host problems) so I'll do so now!

Let's talk about Stonewall!


"Stonewall riots, also called Stonewall uprising, series of violent confrontations that began in the early hours of June 28, 1969, between police and gay rights activists outside the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. As the riots progressed, an international gay rights movement was born.

One such well-known gathering place for young gay men, lesbians, and transgender people was the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, a dark, seedy, crowded bar, reportedly operating without a liquor license. In the early morning hours of Saturday, June 28, 1969, nine policemen entered the Stonewall Inn, arrested the employees for selling alcohol without a license, roughed up many of its patrons, cleared the bar, and—in accordance with a New York criminal statute that authorized the arrest of anyone not wearing at least three articles of gender-appropriate clothing—took several people into custody. It was the third such raid on Greenwich Village gay bars in a short period.

This time the people milling outside the bar did not retreat or scatter as they almost always had in the past. Their anger was apparent and vocal as they watched bar patrons being forced into a police van. They began to jeer at and jostle the police and then threw bottles and debris. Accustomed to more passive behaviour, even from larger gay groups, the policemen called for reinforcements and barricaded themselves inside the bar while some 400 people rioted. The police barricade was repeatedly breached, and the bar was set on fire. Police reinforcements arrived in time to extinguish the flames, and they eventually dispersed the crowd.

The riots outside the Stonewall Inn waxed and waned for the next five days. Many historians characterized the uprising as a spontaneous protest against the perpetual police harassment and social discrimination suffered by a variety of sexual minorities in the 1960s. Although there had been other protests by gay groups, the Stonewall incident was perhaps the first time lesbians, gays, and transgender people saw the value in uniting behind a common cause. Occurring as it did in the context of the civil rights and feminist movements, the Stonewall riots became a galvanizing force."

In this episode you'll hear songs from Minnie Riperton, Little Simz, Kyddo, Nu Guinea, Dam-Funk, Sune, Kali Uchis & More!

Track Listing:

Only When I'm Dreaming
Minnie Riperton · Come To My Garden (1970)
Alien Kiss
Nick Wisdom · Nightlines (2011)
Family Matters (feat. Arin Ray)
YBN Cordae · The Lost Boy (2019)
Deviled Eggs
Mndsgn · Snaxx (2019)
Sleep Paralysis
Little Simz · Eye See You (2014)
Seventy 8 (Prod. Jonwayne)
Jeremiah Jae · Bad Jokes (2013)
Fakin The Funk
Panax & A-Ro · Single (2016)
Fakin The Funk (Instrumental)
Panax & A-Ro · Single (2016)
Kyddo · The Audition (2019)
Synergy (feat. The Kount & Rennie. B)
2nd Son · Single (2016)
Le Vulesse
Nu Guinea · Nuova Napoli (2018)
Vivid Dreams (feat. River Tiber)
Kaytranada · 99.9% (2016)
Kut Korners · Damn! b/w Neeed That 7" (2016)
Dam-Funk · STFU II (2019)
Sune · Odoru Tori EP (2018)
Dead To Me
Kali Uchis · Isolation (2018)
Kashif · Kashif (1983)
Too Much To Ask
Moonchild · Little Ghost (2019)