NIGHTDRIVE95 Episode July 22, 2017

Episode 45 - Watch the Stars

6:59pm - 8:00pm

Join John for a soothing playlist that'll make you lie down in your local field or empty lot and check out some constellations. Featuring remarkable tracks from artists like Neon Unicorn, t e l e p a t h, and Nmesh.

Track Listing:

heat of the night
waterfront dining · Before Sundown
VIRTUAL Help Desk · The Music of the Now Age III
Clear Skies
PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises · ClearSkies™
Your World
t e l e p a t h · Beyond Reality
Pleasure Gate
Neon Unicorn · Space Glitch
Come & Get It (feat. YUNG BAE)
Flamingosis · A Groovy Thing
Toad Computers · / ~ ? / ? .htm
Say Less (feat. G-Eazy) (Rhodes Remix)
Dillon Francis · n/a
White Lodge Simulation (Odd Nosdam Remix)
Nmesh · Pharma
Naito · Saxxx - Single
New Vapour Order
HKE & PZA · New Vapour Order - Single
Hold On To Me