NIGHTDRIVE95 Episode July 15, 2017

Episode 44 - Subway Ride to Narita International

6:59pm - 7:58pm

This week, John brings you some fresh vibes from artists like 1969, Cats Corp., and SADNESS PRINCESS, plus an unreleased Blank Banshee track!

Track Listing:

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Cats Corp. · a:/ Press The Start Key
i looked so good i wanted to beat my face in
venus · rose coloured death
Costanza · Costanza
Southern Safari
Dreams West · Self-Titled
New Moon
Kanye West Is Playing In My House
MACROSS 82-99 · Idol, Sakura
H-60 Ozark
P A N G E A silk · Global CLIMATE
All Night (feat. Roman)
ConsciousThoughts · Vaporware Vol. 3
Vektroid · Starcalc
M A G I C M I C P H A N T A S Y PT. I (Ordovician Sea Theme)
1969 · Excerpts From Lala Land
Five to Twelve
Windows 96 · Cut Up Sections
Blank Banshee · Unreleased
Stasis (Living Colour)
Tsunxmi · Ephemera
L o v e r s
SADNESS PRINCESS · P i z z a N i g h t s
Okinawa Sunset
Master Stryker · Okinawa Sunset - Single
American Hairlines
Eyeliner · The Music of the Now Age III