Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode February 9, 2024

CiTR Fundrive Show w. NoMeansNo & Mudhoney !

3:32pm - 5:08pm

CiTR Fundrive Show w. Nomeansno & Mudhoney !

Nardwuar and guest DJ Roger Allen play excerpts from Nardwuar vs. John Wright of Nomeansno and Steve Turner of Mudnoney (Full interview to come later!) as part of CiTR's Fundrive Show. Doot doo !

Track Listing:

Nardwuar the Human Serviette
Fanny Alger · Vicious Badgers
Dig it a hole
U-Men · S/T
You make me die now
Mudhoney · You’re Gone
No Sex
NoMeansNo · Mama
Kill Lou Guzzzo,
Dehumanizers · Kill Lou Guzzzo,
Running Around/Couch Slouch,
D.R.I · Violent Pacification
Phonebill Song
Hole · Girl
Wood Goblins
Tad · Cooking with gas plus daisy
Hound dog
Tales of Terror · S/T
PIL · Happy
Brutality and Corruption
Accused · S/T
Danger Zone
Death Sentence · Not A Pretty Sight
Aunt Maizy
Shadow Show · Fantasy Now !
Casual Design
Ruggedy Anns · It Came From The Pit