Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode October 30, 2020

Hallowe'en Music !

3:10pm - 4:44pm

Special guest DJ Roger Allen (Vancouver , BC) spins some Hallowe’en music from his collection! Doot boo !

Track Listing:

Footsteps from the Johnson Smith Novelty Company, Creep Show 2 · .
I’m Looking through you,
Muppets ghost · .
This House Is Haunted
Agent Orange · .
Vegetable Vampire
Morgan Freeman · Electric Company
The Third of the Storms
Hellhammer · Apocalyptic Raids
Hear My Screams
Dream Death · Journey into Mystery
Witch's Eye
Helstar · Burning Star
Freaks and Geeks Halloween · .
Politicians in my eyes
Death · 7 Inch
Fall Children
A.F.I. · All Hallow’s
Fearless Vampire Killers
Bad Brains · Bad Brains
The Darts · I like you but not like that
Ghost Sugar
Texaco Leatherman · Duke
Courageous Cat
Pure Hell · Noise Addiction
Funeral Notice
Pitch Black · Pitch Black
Crystal Axis · Leopold
The Boogeyman Strikes
The Boogey Man Soundtrack · LP
I like Scary Things
The Great Space Coaster · LP
Witch Hunt
Frog · Soundtrack to Psychomania
Bloodless Pharaoh
The Bloodless Pharaohs · .
Shadows of Tomorrow
Madvillain · Madvillian Four Tet Remixes
Rebel Rebel Bat Cat Stop
Slant 6 · 7 inch
Hunting for Witches
Bloc Party · A Weekend in the City
Thirteen Black Cats
Nan Wynn · 7 inch