Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode August 30, 2019

Nardwuar vs. Robynn Iwata Part 2 !

3:35pm - 5:03pm

Guest DJs Robynn Iwata and Valeria spin more toons! Doot doo !

Track Listing:

Maow · Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell
Drink Some Whiskey
Mishin Imposticle · The Sad and the Sadness
Go Light
Horsey · 45
Throw Silver
Mecca Normal · Dovetail
Sweet Pea
cub · Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell
Change Yourself
Transvestimentals · CD-R
There She Goes
Superconductor · Teriyaki Asthma Volume IX
Here comes the Magic
BUM · Split 7" w Teengenerate
Gas Huffer · Teriyaki Asthma Volume V
4th Hole
Crypt Kicker Five · Crypt Kicker Five w. Rhonda Pelikan
Babaki · MP3
Love of the Evolved
I Am Spoonbender · Hidden Persuaders