Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode January 11, 2019

Nardwuar vs. Sipreano (2019) !

3:33pm - 5:09pm

Sipreano (Vancouver , BC) plays some records and says goodbye to Vancouver (For now...) ! Doot doo !

Track Listing:

The Carver
Willie Dunn · Vinyl
I Believe In Music Talk
Bob and Wisdom · Vinyl
Color Of Anyhow
Beverly Glenn-Copeland · Vinyl
The Flower Child
George Nickolau Orchestra · Vinyl
With a Little Help From My Friends
Joani Taylor and the Numerality Singers With the Dave Robbins Orchestra · Vinyl
Bottle of Time
Peter Tessier · Vinyl
Capturing Rhythm Talk
GIngerfoot · Vinyl
Where Are You Going?
The New Creation · Vinyl
Warm Red Wine
Trio Meridian · Vinyl
Lay Lady Lay Talk
Keith Jarrett · Vinyl
Les Montagnes Russes
Le Triangle · Vinyl
Radha Krsna Temple · Vinyl