Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode September 14, 2018

Nardwuar vs. Superorganism !

3:35pm - 5:04pm

Nardwuar intereviews Superorganism (London, UK) ! Doot doo !

Track Listing:

The Machine
King Brothers · LP
Be a Caveman
Gravedigger V · LP
You Don't Know
Morlocks · LP
Sympathy For the Devil
King Brothers · LP
Dear Mr Disc Jockey
Stu Davis · LP
Red Baron
Charlie Brown · LP
It's all Good
Superorganism · LP
NoBody Cares
Superorganism · LP
On The Road to Vietnam
Bob Hope & Jill St. John · LP
Out of Nowhere
Hotline for Sound · LP
Everything you Always Wanted to Know
Home Computers · LP