Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Episode October 2, 2015

Nardwuar vs. Future & Jello Biafra !

3:41pm - 4:59pm

Interviews with Future (Atlanta, GA) & Jello Biafra (2006) !

Track Listing:

Searchin in the Wilderness
allen Punds Get Rich · single
Nightmares in Red
The Brain · single
How would you Feel?
Curtis Night w Jimi Hendrix · single
Get Away From It All
The Northwest Company · snigle
What Part of Though SHalt Not Kill Dont You Understand?
Knights of the New Crusade · Single
Turning 18
Selective Service Patriotics · Single
Talking Guitar
Mazda Motors · Single
Bill Bisset's llulaby
Bp Nichol · Motherlode
Please Remember
Enoughs' Enoughs · Single
Baby Your Phrasing is Wrong
Caleb · Single
The Tickle · Single
Path through the forest
Factory · Single