Nancy's Pantry Episode November 15, 2023

Episode 20

2:04pm - 2:55pm

Ambient/downtempo soundcape-y music

Track Listing:

Casino Versus Japan · Whole Numbers Play the Basics
Centered Shell
yes/and · yes/and
London Nights
Greg Foat, Gigi Masin · Dolphin
Pudding Club · Songs Before Bed (2022)
???? · ??????????-????
Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant
Mort Garson · Mother Earth's Plantasia
Faraon - 2013 Remaster
Harold Budd · Avalon Sutra (2013 Remaster)
The Opportunity Passed in Less than a Minute
Roy Montgomery · And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Falling Down Through It
Forevertime Journeys
naran ratan · Trees etc.
Roedelius · Wenn der Sudwind weht
Ryuichi Sakamoto · L.O.L (Lack Of Love)
CFCF · Music For Objects
TSVI, Loraine James · Observe / Trust
Cut Up Piano & Xylophone - Remastered · Happiness (Anniversary Edition)
Pink and Gold and Blue
You'll Never Get to Heaven · Wave Your Moonlight Hat For The Snowfall Train
Forgetting Coda
DjRUM · Forgetting EP